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The Approved Payroll HR Cloud, combined with our HR services, provide the tools and expertise to help you determine which employees are eligible for coverage and ensure your company remains compliant with Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations.

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New Hires

Determining eligibility for employees with flexible hours can be a challenging and time-consuming process. With Approved Payroll HR Cloud eligibility reports, you can quickly and easily determine if employees meet the full-time equivalent (FTE) threshold.

Large Employers

Calculating and predicting your company's classification, specifically, if you are considered a "large employer," is a huge part of determining which ACA regulations apply to you. With the Approved Payroll HR Cloud, we are able to analyze your company size across any date range, so you can deliver the right benefits in compliance with ACA requirements.

Affordability Test (The 9.5% Test)

According to the ACA, to be considered affordable, an employee's cost of the lowest cost ACA-compliant plan available must be 9.5% or less of their annual household income. The HR Cloud helps you ensure that you are providing one of the three approved calculation methods for affordable and compliant healthcare options.

Continuous System Updates

As ACA regulations are added and modified, the Approved Payroll HR Cloud is updated so that your company has the necessary tools and information to remain compliant, including the upcoming 1094 and 1095 requirements.

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